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Special Report: Automotive Test (.PDF Download)

Feb. 18, 2021

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The automotive industry presents many test challenges, including ensuring the quality of ICs controlling everything from infotainment to ADAS as well as the compound semiconductors serving drivetrain electrification and battery charging functions. ICs demand design and test strategies that can ensure quality throughout a vehicle’s lifecycle, while the increasing use of wide-bandgap devices requires high-voltage test and burn-in strategies.

In addition, the proliferation of control units and sensors connected by high-speed serial buses such as SAE Ethernet, BroadR-Reach, SENT, and CAN FD, presents further challenges. And the rollout of 5G and related V2X technologies for automotive applications spurs need for cybersecurity test. RF/microwave instruments have a key role to play in all these applications as well as in measuring the materials properties of components like bumpers.


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