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    Radar has proven very useful outside and inside the car.
    308953374 © Swillklitch | Dreamstime.com

    New DSPs Plus Radar Accelerator Merge Automotive Vision, Radar, LiDAR, and AI Processing

    March 11, 2024
    Cadence’s latest Tensilica Vision DSPs combine advanced vision technologies with AI processing to address automotive sensor fusion.
    NXP Semiconductors

    Automotive UWB ICs Built for Ranging and Radar

    Dec. 20, 2023
    NXP’s Trimension NCJ29D6, a fully integrated, automotive ultra-wideband single-chip family, combines secure and precise real-time localization with short-range radar to address...
    Ces Nx Pradar 1

    One-Chip Radar Ready for Traffic Monitoring, Mining, and Logistics

    March 21, 2023
    The sensor provides the full capability of NXP’s third-generation 28-nm RFCMOS, long-range detection—2 to 300 meters worth of detection range—plus elevation sensing.
    imec and Dreamstime_ Akarat Phasura_166914971
    Auto Radar Dreamstime Akarat Phasura 166914971

    Low-Power PLL Targets Short-Range Automotive/Industrial Radar Apps

    March 7, 2023
    A digitally calibrated, charge-pump phase-locked loop presented by imec at the recent ISSCC can generate high-quality FMCW signals for millimeter-wave radars with low power consumption...
    Ces Uhnder

    Uhnder's 4D Digital Automotive Radar-on-Chip Floods the Data Zone

    Feb. 24, 2023
    The S80 radar-on-chip is a digital radar solution with better accuracy and the power to sense moving or standing objects, large or small, at both short and long distances in all...

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    Infineon 4

    Radar Solution Serves Automated, Autonomous-Driving Apps

    Feb. 6, 2023
    Infineon's RASIC CTRX family of radar MMICs is a series of 76- to 81-GHz devices based on 28-nm CMOS technology. The high signal-to-noise ratio and linearity of the transceiver...
    35067222 © Auimeesri | Dreamstime.com
    Car Dreamstime Auimeesri 35067222v2

    Deluge of Non-EV Automotive ICs Accelerates Forward

    Jan. 19, 2023
    There’s a seemingly insatiable need for both general-purpose and application-specific automotive-qualified ICs.
    Ces 5 Nxp

    NXP Unveils New One-Chip Radar for Autonomous Vehicles

    Jan. 10, 2023
    The 30% smaller IC is able to detect long- and short-range objects, while separating out each one of them.
    Rohde & Schwarz
    1222 Mw Rohde And Schwarz Ces 2023 Promo
    Test & Measurement

    R&S Showcases Automotive Radar and UWB Test Solutions

    Jan. 6, 2023
    These test solutions target automotive radar sensors and ultra-wideband modules and devices.

    Automotive Radar Solution Navigates Busy Street Environments

    Dec. 22, 2022
    At the electronica 2022 trade show, Renesas Electronics addressed the automotive radar market with the introduction of a 4- × 4-channel, 76- to 81-GHz transceiver designed to ...
    Ambarella Centralized Radar Architecture Promo

    Centralized Radar Architecture Improves Perception Capabilities

    Dec. 21, 2022
    Ambarella's centralized 4D imaging radar architecture enhances perception to help improve safety of autonomous vehicles.
    Renesas Electronics
    Renesas Radar Promo

    Radar Transceivers Claimed to Have Highest Accuracy, Lowest Power Consumption

    Nov. 23, 2022
    Renesas enters the automotive radar market with a 4x4-channel, 76- to 81-GHz transceiver designed to meet the requirements of ADAS and Level 3 and higher autonomous-driving applications...
    Infineon Technologies
    Ctrx Image Promo

    New CMOS Transceiver MMIC on Target for Automotive Radar

    Nov. 17, 2022
    Infineon’s latest radar module is the first in a series of 76- to 81-GHz radar MMICs based on 28-nm CMOS technology, offering improved signal-to-noise ratio and boosting the standard...
    Radio Components Dreamstime Yury Kosourov 11739262

    PCB Technology in Software-Defined Radio

    July 5, 2022
    SDR requires a complex web of circuity on PCBs that not only defines the device's functionality, but also the performance of these microwave and RF systems. Various factors come...
    Auto Radar Dreamstime Haiyin 116691708

    Expanding Vehicle Vision with Automotive Radar

    June 30, 2022
    Sponsored by Texas Instruments: The next generation of radar in automotive design—mmWave radar—brings greater precision and detection capability in a much smaller footprint.
    Ces 2022 Nxp Radar Promo

    4D Imaging Radar Makes ADAS Safer

    Jan. 4, 2022
    NXP Semiconductor's Matthias Feulner presents the company's 4D imaging radar chips for Level 2+ ADAS support.
    Rohde 1 Productronica

    ADAS Radar Sensor Testing Solution at productronica

    Dec. 2, 2021
    In this video, an engineer from Rohde & Schwarz explains the company's latest radar sensor testing solution for automotive ADAS systems at productronica.
    Akarat Phasura, Dreamstime.com
    Auto Radar Akarat Phasura Dreamstime com

    Radar Systems for Autonomous Driving—at L2/L2+ and Beyond

    July 1, 2021
    The hot next trend in automated driving is L2+, with semi-autonomy guided by both camera and HD radar sensing. What demands does radar add, and how can they be addressed?
    Alexander Kirch | Dreamstime.com
    Auto Radar Promo

    4D Imaging Radar Looks to Advance ADAS and Level 5 Automation

    Jan. 4, 2021
    The “fourth dimension” improves radar accuracy in driver-assistance and self-driving systems. Several companies are pushing it forward with recent introductions.
    Yewkeo, Dreamstime
    Yewkeo Dreamstime com

    Radar as a Sensor: Who Would Have Thought?

    Sept. 8, 2020
    Sponsored by Texas Instruments: First used mostly in automotive apps, radar sensors have moved into the industrial and smart city sectors due to their range resolution and ability...