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    Inside the electronics industry's efforts to create a more circular economy.
    The Briefing

    Component Reuse: The Key to More Sustainable Electronic Devices?

    March 13, 2024
    Jabil is getting into the business of recovering chips and other components from circuit boards. In the latest installment of The Briefing, we discuss the new effort with the ...

    How to Build More Sustainable Electronics

    Feb. 15, 2024
    A new benchmarking tool called the “GreenTool” could help us create more sustainable electronic products in the future.
    VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

    Biodegradable ECG Patch Paves the Way to a More Sustainable Medical Industry

    Feb. 6, 2024
    A new sustainable ECG patch brings us one step closer to creating less single-use plastic waste.
    114052067 © Prot Tachapanit | Dreamstime.com

    Semiconductor Attributes for Sustainable System Design

    Jan. 25, 2024
    Advanced, computationally intensive system topologies for sustainable applications will increase energy consumption through operation at higher power levels and bandwidth. Semiconductor...

    Intel and Siemens Scope Out More Sustainable Future for Chips

    Jan. 9, 2024
    The joint effort will take a hard look at the negative impact of chipmaking on the environment, with the hope of finding ways to reduce the chip industry’s collective footprint...

    More content from Sustainable Electronics


    5 Ways to Improve the Sustainability of Electronics

    Dec. 14, 2023
    New initiatives focused on electronics circularity are putting the pressure on manufacturers to create more sustainable flexible products. This article outlines five plans of ...
    Avnet Hardware Promo Web
    Industry Insights

    Engineers Look to Adopt a More Sustainable Approach to Electronic Design

    Oct. 5, 2023
    Avnet’s latest customer survey found that customer demand is driving engineers to embrace more of a “design for sustainability” ethos.
    85313410 © Operationshooting88 | Dreamstime.com
    E Waste Dreamstime L 85313410
    The Briefing

    Erasing E-Waste: Is a Circular Economy Possible for Power Electronics?

    Sept. 12, 2023
    Explore the feasibility of a circular economy for electronics in the latest edition of The Briefing. Can Infineon help make it happen using a new biodegradable PCB?
    Intel D1 X Oregon Fab

    Galvanizing the Chip Industry to Go Green

    July 24, 2023
    Schneider Electric wants to help chipmakers curb their ever-expanding carbon footprint.
    49335637 © Nils Ackermann | Dreamstime.com
    Home Automation Dreamstime M 49335637

    Backing Off Batteries as Our Default IoT Device Power Source

    May 30, 2023
    Small-scale connected devices have long relied on disposable coin-cell batteries as their power source. Now that we’ve got billions of these products, the problems wrought by ...
    Aranda Video4 Thumbnail
    Industry Insights

    Are Sustainability Engineering Roles in Demand?

    March 10, 2023
    Iana Aranda, director of Engineering Global Development at ASME, discusses in-demand skills.
    Electronicdesign 9306 102941promo

    Preparing For Future Obsolescence

    Feb. 13, 2014
    From a designer’s perspective, what’s worse than having to deal with quality assurance? Answer: planning for sustainability.