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Transitioning from Class-AB to Class-D in Automotive Audio Systems (.PDF Download)

Dec. 9, 2019
Transitioning from Class AB to Class D in Automotive Audio Systems (.PDF Download)

The most common audio power amplifier operates in the Class-AB mode. It provides the greatest amount of output power with the least amount of distortion. The downside is that it consumes quite a bit of power. In addition, to get rid of heat, heat sinks and ventilation are generally needed.

However, these amplifiers are gradually being replaced by Class-D amplifiers, especially in automotive applications. Class-D amplifiers are switches that are more efficient and produce less heat than their Class-AB equivalents. If you’re designing automotive audio equipment, it’s time to take a look at Class-D amplifiers as an alternative to Class AB. Upgrading from Class-AB audio amplifiers to Class D brings about some significant benefits in automotive audio


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