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Electronics Counterfeiting: Risks and Remedies (.PDF Download)

June 16, 2021

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When most people hear the word “counterfeiting” they think about money. That’s because money is a great target for the activity, as it takes a relatively small effort (printing on paper) to get a significantly higher payout (the face value of the money). Counterfeiting in electronics is done for the same reasons because a chip that you made/stole/obtained can sell for quite a price.

The nature of counterfeiting in electronics is multilayered. What is considered counterfeit may not be a copy, it may be “gray” goods, or recycled parts presented as new. In the software space, this could extend to trojan programs intended to not only waste your money, but steal your data. Cybercriminal groups targeting semiconductor companies can use such counterfeit products to attack target organizations.


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