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  • Building Blocks: Cases, Racks, and Packaging
  • Building Blocks: Cases, Racks, and Packaging

    No matter how great the components are, if they aren't properly deployed on good racks, with good packaging and protection, they are guaranteed to fail at some point.
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    Resistors Dreamstime L 236041679

    In Praise of the Basics: Passives, Discretes, Magnetics, Wires, and Packaging

    Oct. 4, 2023
    No matter how sophisticated the software and how fast and powerful the logic, without the rest of the components, wiring, and packaging, nothing would work.
    T Xchange

    Engineers Ignore EMI, EMC, and Noise at Their Own Risk

    June 8, 2023
    Failure to address electronic interference in the early stages of a device's development can lead to prolonged delays down the road that cost both time and money—or create safety...
    Drexel College of Engineering
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    Spray-On Coating Provides EMI Shielding that Easily Switches On/Off

    March 15, 2023
    By electrically “teasing” the ions using an electrolyte-bearing MXene film, it can be switched between being a barrier or being transparent to RF energy.
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    TechXchange: Passives & Parts

    Feb. 16, 2023
    The significantly increased performance of modern electronics, especially in the areas of wireless and power, are putting pressure on the passives, discretes, and magnetics to...
    Rusian Gilyazov | Dreamstime.com
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    TechXchange: PCB Tools and Technology

    Jan. 20, 2023
    Check out the latest articles covering printed circuit board technology, methodologies, and development tools.

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    Industrial Case System

    Industrial Case System

    Jan. 10, 2023
    Phoenix Contact's ICS is a comprehensive enclosure series aimed at covering a vast range of IP20 cabinet applications. Different sizes, numerous interface options, T-bus connectors...
    Altech Din Enclosure Image
    White Paper

    Modular DIN Enclosures Provide Flexible Design Capabilities

    Oct. 14, 2022
    Industrial control and operational electrical and electronics systems engineers must continually adapt their designs to the needs of a wide range of applications. Modular DIN ...
    Critical Connection Feature Image (1)
    The Critical Connection

    The Critical Connection Podcast Ep. #4: Considerations in Using “Ruggedized” I/O Connectors

    Oct. 10, 2022
    Modern electronics are being deployed in more and more harsh environments, where they must work optimally. The cables and connectors used need to be as rugged as the package they...

    How to Design a Good Vibration Sensor Enclosure

    Aug. 30, 2022
    This article series goes into depth on the different vibration sensor enclosure designs used today, and looks into the impact the geometry of such enclosures has on their frequency...
    Altech Asset 2
    White Paper

    Understanding the Benefits of DIN Enclosures

    Feb. 14, 2022
    DIN enclosures are widely used in Europe and are growing in use in a broad variety of OEM systems across the world. These enclosures can be customized and fabricated to customer...
    Boonrit Panyaphinitnugoon, Dreamstime.com
    Circuit Gold Boonrit Panyaphinitnugoon Dreamstime L 95427895

    Making the Case for Conductive Elastomer and Form-in-Place EMI Gasket Materials

    Nov. 10, 2021
    Use of electrically conductive gaskets with ENIG plated circuit boards has prompted questions from design and application engineers about corrosion that may occur when these gaskets...
    Dron Ebase Promo

    EMI Shielding for Drones and UAVs

    Nov. 3, 2021
    Most every electronic circuit will pose the threat of EMI radiation on other circuitry, with drones and UAVs being particularly susceptible. There’s one simple but important solution...
    M Wcross Post

    Solving 5G Ecosystem Challenges with Silicones

    July 22, 2021
    Silicones have an attractive balance of properties, support high-volume manufacturing, and enable high-speed connections. They offer solutions to challenges with adhesion, encapsulation...
    Electronicdesign 25125 Rittal Enclosures Promo

    The 5 Most Popular Modular Enclosure Features

    Jan. 3, 2019
    With the proliferation of business-critical control equipment on the plant and factory floor, many supervisors need scalable, configurable housing for their sensitive electronics...
    Test & Measurement

    Testing EMI gaskets with Transfer Impedance and Shielding Effectiveness methods

    May 24, 2018
    Today’s electronic equipment must be designed to, first, operate in the electromagnetic (EM) environment it is to be employed in, and second, ensure that the EM fields generated...
    Electronicdesign 17149 Pixus 11myths Promo

    11 Myths About the MicroTCA Backplane-Based Architecture

    Aug. 2, 2017
    This article helps clear up misunderstandings and misconceptions surrounding the high-performance MicroTCA backplane-based embedded architecture.

    Specifying Mid-Board Copper Solutions

    Feb. 9, 2017
    Mid-board copper solutions overcome PCB layout restrictions and add design flexibility.

    Selecting Conductive Form-in-Place Gaskets

    Jan. 1, 2004
    Electrically conductive form-in-place (FIP) gaskets are used as part of a flexible EMI gasketing solution for a wide range of electronic products. Many applications involve complex...