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  • November 27, 2023 - Electronic Design Today
  • November 27, 2023 - Electronic Design Today

    Electronic Design

    Bob Pease on Analog Vol. 3

    Dec. 5, 2023
    Check out the technical articles by the legendary Electronic Design engineer, Bob Pease.
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    Checking Out the NXP Hovergames NavQ Plus

    Nov. 30, 2023
    The NavQ Plus is a system-on-module (SOM) that's built around a NXP’s i.MX 8M Plus system-on-chip (SoC).
    Challenges with Traditional Software Testing

    TrustInSoft Analyzer Demo Shines a Spotlight on Its Capabilities

    Nov. 30, 2023
    The demonstration provides insight into the platform’s error-detection functionality.
    Industry Insights

    Celebrities Who Have Contributed to Science, Engineering, and Teaching

    Nov. 30, 2023
    A surprising number of celebrities have more to offer than talent and pretty faces.
    Analyzer Roots Out Code Bugs

    TrustInSoft Helps Root Out Bugs to Deliver Reliable Code

    Nov. 29, 2023
    The TrustInSoft Analyzer gives developers greater insight into potential issues and explains why they’re problematic.

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    Solve Augmented-Reality Display Challenges with Laser Beam Scanning

    Nov. 29, 2023
    MEMS-based laser beam scanning (LBS) engines offer an alternative solution to current AR technology challenges, leading the way to stylish, lightweight, affordable, and powerful...

    Automotive-Rated Dual Op Amp Blends Medium Voltage and Accuracy

    Nov. 28, 2023
    This AEC-Q100-qualified dual op amp from STMicroelectronics merges two difficult-to-combine attributes in a MiniSO-8.

    How to Build Wide-Dynamic-Range Systems (Part 1)

    Nov. 28, 2023
    This series introduces methods for constructing high-dynamic-range systems and compares the characteristics of linear and multichannel receiver devices. Part 1 examines receiver...
    National Geographic
    Test & Measurement

    “Incredible Animal Journeys”: How Did NatGeo Track and Film Those Migrations?

    Nov. 27, 2023
    A worldwide sensor network allows for tracking of animals on their journeys. National Geographic’s “Incredible Animal Journeys” follows these great quests.
    Industry Insights

    AI’s Impact in the Engineering Workplace

    Nov. 22, 2023
    AI is already playing an increasing role in the engineering workplace, but is integration of AI an inevitability? Electronic Design’s Salary Survey brings this issue to light....
    University of Otago

    Non-Metallic Gigahertz Antenna Built with Laser and Glass Cell

    Nov. 21, 2023
    A team at the University of Otago created a non-contact gigahertz antenna that uses an enclosed vapor cell of excited rubidium atoms with laser beams for sensing their state.
    Dreamstime Theerapong28 116018241
    Learning Resources

    Achieving Functional-Safety Compliance for Motor-Control Systems

    Nov. 20, 2023
    Sponsored by Texas Instruments: Though time-to-market often dominates automotive and industrial design efforts, ensuring functional safety has also risen to the top of the engineer...

    Major Player Enters RISC-V Arena

    Nov. 20, 2023
    A trio of RISC-V-based microcontroller platforms developed by Synopsys are aimed at MCUs, 32-bit real-time apps, and 64-bit application processors.
    These Sensors Empower Gesture Control
    Test & Measurement

    Range-Detection Technologies Target Consumer and Commercial Apps

    Nov. 17, 2023
    Radar and optical time-of-flight sensors are no longer limited to just avionic and automotive applications.
    94875025 © Danciaba | Dreamstime.com
    Risc V Promo

    The Rise of RISC-V: From University Lab to Global Force in Silicon Design

    Nov. 17, 2023
    How did RISC-V transform from a student project into an architecture that’s being used by organizations, universities, and governments around the world? Let’s dive into the history...

    Solid-State Photorelay Tackles High Frequencies, ATE Signal Switching

    Nov. 16, 2023
    Improved packaging shrinks this 1-Form A photorelay and reduces its undesirable parasitics, making it suitable for applications in the multi-gigahertz range.

    Automotive-Grade MCU Controls Brushless DC Motors

    Nov. 15, 2023
    NXP’s latest motor-control microcontrollers usher in a new level of performance for automotive/industrial BLDC, PMSM, and other electric motors.
    145715136 © Paulacobleigh | Dreamstime.com
    Test & Measurement

    SWIR Devices Enhance Material Sensing

    Nov. 15, 2023
    Short-wavelength infrared (SWIR) devices serve demanding sensing applications, such as determining blood oxygen saturation and glucose measurements and measuring the water and...
    Texas Instruments and Dreamstime_gopixa_127981926
    Communications Dreamstime Gopixa 127981926

    Upgrade Optoisolation Devices with Pin-to-Pin Semiconductor-Based Replacements

    Nov. 15, 2023
    Sponsored by Texas Instruments: Opto-emulators offer a cutting-edge solution for replacing optocouplers without the shortcomings and limitations of photonic isolation, or circuit...
    116265799 © Thongchaipeun | Dreamstime.com

    Automakers Will Never See Semiconductors the Same Way

    Nov. 14, 2023
    Microchip is expanding its Automotive Technology Center in Detroit to focus more on EV power electronics. In this Q&A, Electronic Design talks with two company representatives...

    What's Next for EV Battery Evolution?

    Nov. 14, 2023
    What's kept Li-metal batteries from fulfilling their potential to be a viable intermediate technology between today's Li-ion cells and the solid-state batteries expected to eventually...
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    Machine Learning

    Latest AI Innovations Bring the Power with Greater Efficiency

    Nov. 14, 2023
    From neural processing units to a panel PC, these new AI-focused products deliver TOPS performance with an eye on much sought-after efficiency and lower costs.
    61264282 © Denisismagilov | Dreamstime.com
    Innovation Dreamstime L 61264282

    Innovators, Disruptors, and AI

    Nov. 9, 2023
    The never-ending upheaval of technology and electronics will continue unabated in 2024.
    Maxresdefault 65428a8ed7a77

    The Cortex-M85 Makes Its Debut

    Nov. 1, 2023
    Renesas’ RA8 family is based on the Arm Cortex-M85 with Helium machine-learning acceleration.