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  • Electronic Design - March/April 2024

    Magazine - Digital Archive

    Download PDF - Electronic Design Mar-Apr 2024

    April 2, 2024
    Download the digital version of the Electronic Design March-April 2024 issue.
    86230086 © Flynt | Dreamstime.com

    Packaging Chiplets for Performance and Profit

    March 20, 2024
    When it comes to chiplets, it’s all about packaging technology.
    Test & Measurement

    Many Magnetic Arms Simplify Hands-Free PCB Probing

    March 5, 2024
    Editor Bill Wong takes a hands-on look at Sensepeek’s PCBite kit.
    91824901 © Forance | Dreamstime.com

    EDA Helps Cultivate the Future of Die-to-Die Connectivity

    Feb. 8, 2024
    Explore Keysight’s Chiplet PHY Designer tool and the game-changing UCIe standard in chip design.

    My Application Needs Accurate Fuel Gauging—What Options are Available?

    Feb. 7, 2024
    Inexpensive methods to measure battery energy can result in low precision measurements, and techniques to increase precision often add complexity and cost. One alternative uses...

    More content from Electronic Design - March/April 2024

    Machine Learning

    Generative AI to Usher in Big Opportunities in 2024

    Feb. 6, 2024
    Learn what’s in the forecast for generative AI this year and how it will impact the electronics industry.
    101000527 © Nordroden | Dreamstime.com

    Single-Channel, High-Voltage Output DACs Include Precision Reference

    Feb. 5, 2024
    The basic digital-to-analog converter may not get a lot of attention, but a high-performance device can make a major difference in systems such as test instruments and precision...

    Backscattered, Harvesting Underwater Acoustic Comms Link Reaches Kilometers

    Jan. 30, 2024
    Using retrodirective techniques and backscatter, low-bit-rate acoustic links are feasible for surprisingly long underwater distances.

    Thermal-Monitoring "Tape" Helps EV Batteries Beat the Heat

    Jan. 25, 2024
    A unique peel-and-stick thermal sensor works to keep the high-voltage battery packs in EVs from overheating—and potentially from exploding into flames.
    180689885 © Tasevski | Dreamstime.com

    Tiny, Power-Miserly Pushbutton Controller Also “Saves” the Battery

    Jan. 3, 2024
    This focused IC solves the debounce problem and “seals” the battery for freshness despite long shelf-storage periods.
    Tony Vitolo, Electronic Design

    NVIDIA RTX 3080: Real-Time Ray Tracing on a Chip

    Jan. 2, 2024
    Graphics Chip Chronicles Vol. 8, No. 2: NVIDIA’s RTX 3080 ushered in the era of real-time ray tracing for consumers everywhere.
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    Ideas for Design

    Dostal's Designs: Compact UPS with Supercap

    April 5, 2023
    Continuous supply voltage via an uninterruptible power supply is crucial for a number of applications, but it can be tough to ensure at all times. This Idea for Design offers ...