Have Chip Vendors Taken Over Where Heathkit Left Off?
Image courtesy of Htomari Creative Commons
An image from FLIR39s Boson thermal imaging camera Earlier this year the company said that it used Movidius39 vision chips with the Boson39s imaging cores Image courtesy of Movidius
Image courtesy of Brandon Flickr
An array of sensors inside a jet engine Data converters like those built by Analog Devices turn physical signals from sensors like movement and pressure into digital data Linear Technology39s power management chips help to conserve the electricity required for that process Image courtesy of Matt Gibson Flickr
Chipworks opens its archive of teardowns for big data analytics with a new service called Inside Technology.
The Make with Ada competition is coming up, and you might be able to win some cash for an Ada project.
Micron’s latest crop of 3D NAND flash memory products deliver up to 2 Tbytes of low power storage.