Smart Electronic Design with Low IQ (.PDF Download)

March 12, 2019
Smart Electronic Design with Low IQ (.PDF Download)

As it turns out, low IQ is a good thing. A least when you’re designing electronic equipment for low power consumption.   

A device’s quiescent current, or IQ, is an important parameter to understand for battery-powered, energy-efficient designs. This article defines IQ and explains how it affects the design of switch-mode power supplies and the equipment they serve.

IQ Defined

Quiescent current is that small amount of current required to keep an IC or other circuit operational. IQ doesn’t include any other input or output currents. IQ assumes a no-load condition. And as it turns out, this is the lowest amount of current drawn when the IC isn’t being accessed or used. It’s the least amount of current that a device requires to stay operational. And more importantly, IQ truly defines the total run time of the product.


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