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  • Feb. 5, 2024 - Electronic Design Today
  • Feb. 5, 2024 - Electronic Design Today

    Inside Electronics

    Talking About High-Voltage Reed Relays, and the Applications They Serve

    Feb. 8, 2024
    Pickering's Robert King gives insight on the company’s latest high-voltage surface-mount reed relays that target multiple test-related platforms.

    My Application Needs Accurate Fuel Gauging—What Options are Available?

    Feb. 7, 2024
    Inexpensive methods to measure battery energy can result in low precision measurements, and techniques to increase precision often add complexity and cost. One alternative uses...
    Dirac Research

    Transform Any Vehicle's Sound Experience

    Feb. 7, 2024
    Machine learning and acoustic measurements combine to overcome the world’s most difficult acoustic environment—car interiors.
    ePaper is Not Just For E-Readers Anymore
    ePaper is Not Just For E-Readers Anymore
    ePaper is Not Just For E-Readers Anymore
    ePaper is Not Just For E-Readers Anymore
    ePaper is Not Just For E-Readers Anymore

    ePaper Not Just for e-Readers Anymore

    Feb. 7, 2024
    ePaper technology used in e-readers can cover everything from guitars to smartphones.
    Machine Learning

    Generative AI to Usher in Big Opportunities in 2024

    Feb. 6, 2024
    Learn what’s in the forecast for generative AI this year and how it will impact the electronics industry.

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    Virtual Instruments

    IDE for Embedded Apps Adds Enhanced Graphics Library, Expanded Toolchains

    Feb. 6, 2024
    NECTO Studio 6.0 from MIKROE brings to the table increased graphical functionality, Clang support for Arm and RISC-V, and many other features.
    Engineering on Friday

    Musical Personalities Who Became Engineers

    Feb. 5, 2024
    Move beyond the bright lights and red carpet and discover the engineering talents of some of music’s most prominent players.
    Test & Measurement

    Monitoring Climate Change While Climbing in “Artic Ascent with Alex Honnold”

    Feb. 5, 2024
    Follow a team of rock climbers and scientists as they tackle one of Greenland’s peaks to track the impact of climate change in the Arctic using the latest technology.
    101000527 © Nordroden | Dreamstime.com

    Single-Channel, High-Voltage Output DACs Include Precision Reference

    Feb. 5, 2024
    The basic digital-to-analog converter may not get a lot of attention, but a high-performance device can make a major difference in systems such as test instruments and precision...
    Taifang Technology

    EV Battery Collision Monitoring System Based on Touch-Sensing Tech

    Feb. 1, 2024
    Taifang pulled the covers off its Battery Intelligent Monitoring System, which leverages the company’s elastic-wave technology, to monitor and report collisions experienced by...
    92097498 © F01photo | Dreamstime.com
    Test & Measurement

    Partnership to Optimize Mobile-Device Testing for Energy Labeling Regulation

    Jan. 31, 2024
    Contributing to smart-energy initiatives, SmartViser's solutions combined with Anritsu T&M solutions will help advance carbon neutrality.
    Test & Measurement

    Improve Predictive Maintenance with Color Sensors

    Jan. 30, 2024
    With their ability to detect changes in the hue of lubricants, color sensors are invaluable tools in predictive maintenance.
    Photo 287232728 © Iftikhar Alam | Dreamstime.com

    Managed Cloud Service Delivers NVIDIA DGX AI Supercomputing

    Jan. 30, 2024
    Customers can create customized cloud solutions for AI models, protect their data, and manage costs.

    Backscattered, Harvesting Underwater Acoustic Comms Link Reaches Kilometers

    Jan. 30, 2024
    Using retrodirective techniques and backscatter, low-bit-rate acoustic links are feasible for surprisingly long underwater distances.
    304237748 © Doberman84 | Dreamstime.com
    Test & Measurement

    Automotive-Grade MEMS Pressure Sensor Handles Gas and Liquid Media

    Jan. 25, 2024
    This miniaturized MEMS pressure sensor makes gas and liquid media measurements from 2 to 70 bar, delivering a proportional analog output signal.
    114052067 © Prot Tachapanit | Dreamstime.com

    Semiconductor Attributes for Sustainable System Design

    Jan. 25, 2024
    Advanced, computationally intensive system topologies for sustainable applications will increase energy consumption through operation at higher power levels and bandwidth. Semiconductor...

    Thermal-Monitoring "Tape" Helps EV Batteries Beat the Heat

    Jan. 25, 2024
    A unique peel-and-stick thermal sensor works to keep the high-voltage battery packs in EVs from overheating—and potentially from exploding into flames.

    Mixed Reality Gets Real

    Jan. 23, 2024
    Spatial computing is all about augmented, virtual, and mixed reality. What stage are we at with the technology, and will the latest advances move it into prime time?

    V2G Beckons for EV Future But Challenges Persist

    Jan. 22, 2024
    The vast electrical storage capacity of the growing EV fleet is an attractive asset for those envisioning a more electric and renewable future. Making a seamless system from a...

    Gold and Silver Nanowires Create Biosensors—and Basic Logic Circuits

    Jan. 18, 2024
    By implementing gold and gold-silver nanowires, researchers developed flexible biosensor platforms that can also perform logical operations.

    Digging Deeper: Little-Known Aspects of High-Voltage Technology

    Jan. 17, 2024
    The spotlight falls on more obscure facets of high-voltage tech, including water trees, “macTaM,” and cable sections in overhead/underground line-transmission systems.

    Bridge-Driver IC Supports Automotive Brushed DC Motors, Solenoids

    Jan. 11, 2024
    The brushed DC motor and the solenoid, classic electromechanical motion devices, benefit from the features, functions, and diagnostics of advanced drivers.