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Simplifying BLE Mesh Integration (.PDF Download)

Feb. 26, 2019
Simplifying BLE Mesh Integration (.PDF Download)

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a wireless technology available on Android-, iOS-, Windows-, and Linux-based devices. It’s designed to provide connectivity between a master controller, typically a smartphone or tablet, and smart devices.

Smart devices are everywhere and include everyday Internet of Things (IoT) objects such as lighting, heating systems, home appliances, access alarms, sensors, location tags, and wearables. Using BLE Mesh technology, these smart devices can connect to a wireless network and be managed remotely, enabling the development of smart homes, building automation, sensor networks, and smart industries and cities.


A BLE mesh is a network of as many as 32,766 smart devices, although most networks are much smaller. Messages sent and received within this network initiate predefined events that occur in the participating devices. Any BLE device running BT4.0 or higher has the potential to support BLE meshes, provided the proper firmware is installed.


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