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Boost Voltage with Switched-Capacitor Power-Density Circuits (Download)

March 15, 2024

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Lightweight, small-size, and high-power-density power converter systems, which use only switches and capacitors in their power stage, have no need for transformers or inductors in their design. This leads to ideal power supplies for mobile electronic systems like cell phones, personal digital assistants, and more.

Switched-capacitor (SC) converters have a large voltage-conversion ratio by design. These kinds of high-efficiency converter systems promise to have an excellent response to such challenges in the 21st century, such as low EMI emissions and the capability to realize a steep step-down of the voltage. This large step-down is to 3 V, or even sometimes to a lower supply voltage for integrated circuits. Or it may involve the steep step-up of the voltage for the automotive industry as well as internet services in the telecom industry.


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