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Engineering on Friday

AI’s Impact on Engineering Jobs: What Can We Do About It?

AI has the potential to disrupt or eliminate up to 300 million full-time jobs, and there’s no path forward that promises ample work ahead for all. Here’s what you can do to prepare...

Apply Power-Density Fundamentals to Enhance Power-Management Systems

A range of power-density techniques, when properly employed, can significantly improve power management for various electronic designs.
William Wong | Electronic Design

Embedded Systems @ embedded world 2024

Check out the latest embedded technology advances and products from embedded world 2024.
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Voltage-Reference IC with Integral Heater Offers Single PPM-Class Results

A high-precision voltage reference developed by Analog Devices helps turn a very good analog data and measurement signal chain into a really, really good one.
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FAQ: Unlocking the Future: Satellite Solar Power Simulators for Advanced Solar Array Testing

Read this FAQ to learn more about the testing processes and hardware necessary to meet next-generation satellite requirements.
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What is the Economic Value of V2X in the U.S.?

Implementation of vehicle-to-everything systems dramatically improves safety on the roads, saving lives and avoiding injuries, which subsequently also leads to cost savings.

Dual-Phase Voltage Regulator Brings the Power to Big AI Chips

Infineon claims that its latest high-density power module can more efficiently deliver power to power-hungry processors and AI chips in data centers.
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Understanding phase noise fundamentals

This brief technical paper covers phase noise concepts as well as an overview of how phase noise is measured and reported. Learn more about phase noise and its role in oscillators...
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Understanding Error Vector Magnitude (EVM)

Learn about digital modulation schemes used in modern radio frequency communications technologies along with the basics of error vector magnitude (EVM). Discover the uses of constellati...
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An overview to testing RF amplifier designs

Get an overview of testing rf amplifier designs with focus on verification, characterization, repeatability, and throughput. Discover the the important characteristics and testing...