Electronica 2022

Check out the latest technology debuting at the electronica show.
Infineon 4

Radar Solution Serves Automated, Autonomous-Driving Apps

Feb. 6, 2023
Infineon's RASIC CTRX family of radar MMICs is a series of 76- to 81-GHz devices based on 28-nm CMOS technology. The high signal-to-noise ratio and linearity of the transceiver...
Menlo 2

Demo Compares MEMS Relay to Solid-State Device

Feb. 2, 2023
In this demonstration, an engineer from Menlo Micro compares the company's SPST micromechanical switch to a legacy solid-state device.
Renesas 2

Creating Embedded Solutions Using Machine-Learning Models

Feb. 1, 2023
In this motor-control demonstration, a Renesas engineer explains how machine learning can help the system detect unbalanced load conditions.
Infineon 3

Capacitive-Sensing Solution Handles Liquids, Gels

Jan. 30, 2023
Infineon's CAPSENSE technology maintains low-power operation and a voltage range from 1.71 to 5.5 V. It provides a solution for liquid tolerance to prevent false touches in wet...
Ti Promo 2

A Comparison of Wireless Connectivity Protocols

Jan. 26, 2023
Texas Instruments recently introduced Matter-enabled software development kits for Wi-Fi and Thread SimpleLink wireless microcontrollers that will help streamline adoption of ...

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DC-DC Converter Family is Optimized for GaN Gate-Drive Apps

Jan. 25, 2023
Aligned with the increasing prevalence of wide-bandgap technology, Murata's MGN1 series of 1-W output dc-dc converters are designed to deliver the voltages needed by the gate ...
Menlo 1

SP4T Switches Reduce Cost and Complexity of High-Power RF Designs

Jan. 23, 2023
Menlo Microsystems says its latest single-pole/four-throw (SP4T) switches have the industry’s highest performance, reliability, and integration for RF switching apps, 5G network...

A Collection of Wide-Bandgap Power Solutions

Jan. 20, 2023
This series of high-speed GaNFast and GeneSiC application solutions from Navitas leverages the company's new GaNSense half-bridge IC family and SiC MOSFETs that can handle up ...
Test & Measurement

Test Solution Accurately Measures Radar Energy

Jan. 18, 2023
The latest pulse power sensors from Rohde & Schwarz are targeted for radar applications.

A Glimpse into Green Energy's Future at electronica 2022

Jan. 12, 2023
Future Electronics waved the banner of "empowering a greener future" at this year’s electronica trade fair, highlighting different technologies and products for renewable energy...
Keysight 2
Test & Measurement

Test Solution Enables Functional, Protocol, and RF Measurements on R14 C-V2X Devices

Jan. 6, 2023
Keysight's SA8700A C-V2X solution supports RF, protocol, and application-layer testing, plus it can serve as the underlying platform for current and future releases of 5G NR C...

Multi-Turn Magnetic Sensor Fits Automotive, Industrial Apps

Dec. 29, 2022
The ADMT4000 is presented as the first single-chip multi-turn position sensor, operating without power or contact.
Nxp 2

Applications Processor Demo Does Image Recognition and Gesture Capture

Dec. 23, 2022
The NXP i.MX 93 applications processor family can be used for many things. In this case, we have a demonstrator that's being used for live facial recognition and gesture capture...

Automotive Radar Solution Navigates Busy Street Environments

Dec. 22, 2022
At the electronica 2022 trade show, Renesas Electronics addressed the automotive radar market with the introduction of a 4- × 4-channel, 76- to 81-GHz transceiver designed to ...

Piezoelectric Speaker Tech Enables the World’s Thinnest Boombox

Dec. 21, 2022
TDK partnered with Joe Grand, the renowned inventor and white-hat hardware hacker, to create the world’s thinnest boombox using the ultra-thin TDK PiezoListen line of speakers...
St Micro 1

Explaining an AI Edge-Computing Solution—Plus Live IoT Demos

Dec. 20, 2022
The two solution demonstrations by STMicroelectronics, which took place at electronica 2022, focused on AI computing and the new Matter IoT protocol.
Nxp 1

Safe MCU Addresses EV Traction-Inverter Requirements

Dec. 19, 2022
The S32K39 MCU is purpose-built to address electric-vehicle traction-inverter control needs with a combination of performance, integration, networking, security, and functional...
Ti 1

Explaining the Sensor Suite in a Self-Driving Car

Dec. 15, 2022
In this video, a TI engineer at electronica 2022 explains the various sensors that are deployed in a vehicle in order for it to be able to drive itself.
Test & Measurement

PXI BMS Test System Steers Toward Automotive Power Management

Dec. 15, 2022
Effective testing of battery-management systems (BMS) is a critical aspect of automotive performance verification.
Test & Measurement

Keysight's IoT Test Solutions on Display at electronica 2022

Dec. 13, 2022
The company spotlighted several IoT test solutions at electronica 2022, from PathWave Design EDA software to benchtop test instruments.
Test & Measurement

10-Bit Broadband Data Converter Operates Beyond 35 GHz

Dec. 12, 2022
A single-channel sampler can operate across L- through to Ka-band, providing up to 6 GHz of instantaneous bandwidth supporting all current radio link needs.

Empower Advanced Electronics with Next-Gen Design Solutions

Dec. 9, 2022
This exhibition at electronica showcases intelligent and energy-efficient solutions for the connected world, highlighting advanced solutions in electromobility and intelligent...
Smart Factory Stock Bosch Promo

Ethernet Switch Chips Connect Factories of the Future with TSN

Nov. 29, 2022
Marvell’s Prestera DX1500 industrial switch family puts time-sensitive networking (TSN) into play.
Renesas Electronics
Renesas Radar Promo

Radar Transceivers Claimed to Have Highest Accuracy, Lowest Power Consumption

Nov. 23, 2022
Renesas enters the automotive radar market with a 4x4-channel, 76- to 81-GHz transceiver designed to meet the requirements of ADAS and Level 3 and higher autonomous-driving applications...
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The Design Engineering Community Came to Town at electronica

Nov. 22, 2022
The electronica 2022 Trade Fair in Munich brought together roughly 70,000 visitors from around the globe to discuss, showcase, and learn about the electronic design, development...
Thumbnail Nxp Introduces High Performance S32 K39 Series Mc Us For Modern Electrification Applications

Microcontroller Addresses Advanced EV Motor Management

Nov. 18, 2022
NXP's S32K39 serves next-gen EV traction-inverter control needs while supporting remote smart actuation applications using time-sensitive networking Ethernet for new zonal vehicle...
Infineon Technologies
Ctrx Image Promo

New CMOS Transceiver MMIC on Target for Automotive Radar

Nov. 17, 2022
Infineon’s latest radar module is the first in a series of 76- to 81-GHz radar MMICs based on 28-nm CMOS technology, offering improved signal-to-noise ratio and boosting the standard...
NXP Semiconductors
Nxp 1 Promo

Flexible Analog ICs to Drive Software-Defined Factories

Nov. 16, 2022
The analog front-end family from NXP features up to eight software-configurable universal analog inputs.
Telit Promo New

M.2 Data Card Supports LTE Cat 13

Nov. 15, 2022
Equipped for cellular bands between 600 MHz and 3.7 GHz, Telit’s latest LN920 data card handles Cat 13.
Nxp S32 K39 Overview Slide 2

Safe MCUs Geared Toward Automotive Applications

Nov. 15, 2022
The NXP S32K39 includes multiple, redundant Cortex-M7 cores along with additional redundant and security-oriented support.