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  • Dec. 4, 2023 - Electronic Design Today
  • Dec. 4, 2023 - Electronic Design Today

    136686010 © Siarhei Yurchanka | Dreamstime.com
    Machine Learning

    Securing Data in the Quantum Era

    Dec. 21, 2023
    The quantum-computing market size is expected to grow 11X by 2030. So, how do we safeguard our equipment and data now from these post-quantum era threats?
    Industry Insights

    Running Background Checks on Today’s Celebrity Scientists

    Dec. 7, 2023
    Celebrity scientists combine science and entertainment for a unique perspective in learning fun.
    In-Circuit Test System Enables Higher Throughput
    Test & Measurement

    In-Circuit Test System Enables Higher Throughput

    Dec. 7, 2023
    According to Keysight, its i3070 Series 7 In-Circuit Test systems delivers the shortest signal path between measurement circuitry and devices under test.
    The Briefing

    Can Silicon Supply Enough Power for the Future of AI Silicon?

    Dec. 6, 2023
    The Briefing: Can traditional power electronics satisfy the rising power demands of AI chips in data centers?
    Looking for a complete SmartNIC software solution?

    DynaNIC Software Eases SmartNIC Development

    Dec. 6, 2023
    BrnoLogic's complete SmartNIC software solution offloads developers from having to wrangle with hardware.

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    Tero Vesalainen | dreamstime.com
    Industry Insights

    Who is Using RISC-V?

    Dec. 6, 2023
    Open-source RISC-V continues to grab more attention as an option for building customized solutions. What's your stance on the instruction set?
    Flexible PXI BMS Test System Simulates Real-Time Events
    Test & Measurement

    Flexible PXI BMS Test System Simulates Real-Time Events

    Dec. 5, 2023
    The increasing adoption of electric vehicles is intensifying the challenge of effective testing and validation of battery management systems.
    Environmental Sensors Target Air Quality

    Environmental Sensors Target Air Quality

    Dec. 4, 2023
    Pooja Bhadrappanavar, Business Development Manager at Renesas Electronics, demonstrates how the company’s volatile-organic-compounds sensor can be used to check air quality.

    Control Ambient Noise Through Isolation and Cancellation

    Dec. 4, 2023
    Different methods of passive and active noise isolation and noise cancellation, or combinations of the two types, can be applied to help defeat the noise that plagues most all...
    Autonomous Robot Delivers Open Liquids Without Spilling
    Test & Measurement

    Autonomous Robot Delivers Open Liquids Container Without Spilling a Drop

    Dec. 4, 2023
    TDK’s engineers utilize 10 different sensors to build a robot that can deliver a glass of liquid over rough terrain.
    Cabe Atwell
    Engineering on Friday

    Celebrating Field Engineers: The Unsung Heroes of Innovation

    Dec. 1, 2023
    Field engineers help implement, deploy, and maintain technology in the field, driving innovation in areas primarily unseen.

    How to Build Wide-Dynamic-Range Systems (Part 1)

    Nov. 28, 2023
    This series introduces methods for constructing high-dynamic-range systems and compares the characteristics of linear and multichannel receiver devices. Part 1 examines receiver...
    National Geographic
    Test & Measurement

    “Incredible Animal Journeys”: How Did NatGeo Track and Film Those Migrations?

    Nov. 27, 2023
    A worldwide sensor network allows for tracking of animals on their journeys. National Geographic’s “Incredible Animal Journeys” follows these great quests.
    Renesas Electronics

    Renesas Reveals Automotive Processor Roadmap

    Nov. 27, 2023
    Next-generation SoCs and MCUs target all major apps across the automotive digital domain, including the fifth-generation R-Car SoC for high-performance systems with in-package...

    Arm Unveils Its Most Compact AI-Capable Cortex-M CPU

    Nov. 22, 2023
    The Cortex-M52 forms a family with the M85 and M55, all of which are based on Arm’s Helium technology.
    250503533 © Andrii Tsynhariuk | Dreamstime.com
    Inside Electronics

    Welcome to GoPro Warfare

    Nov. 22, 2023
    We live in an era of technological warfare, especially in its asymmetry—a living electronics experiment conducted in a hellish war-torn laboratory.
    Quantum Science
    Test & Measurement

    Lead-Free Quantum Dots Bring SWIR Closer to Consumers

    Nov. 22, 2023
    New advances with lead-free QDs could soon bring unmatched SWIR imaging and sensing capability to high-speed devices.
    Alternative Energy

    Maximizing Power from Solar Panels

    Nov. 21, 2023
    This article highlights how combining the double integral sliding mode controller and maximum power point tracking leads to superior solar-panel efficiency.
    ATP Electronics and Dreamstime, Mr.siwabud-Veerapaisarn_139840866

    Ensuring Robust Embedded-Memory Solutions in Automotive Apps

    Nov. 21, 2023
    Learn about the pivotal role of NAND flash storage in the evolving landscape of automotive technology, including robust memory solutions for applications from autonomous driving...
    These Sensors Empower Gesture Control
    Test & Measurement

    Range-Detection Technologies Target Consumer and Commercial Apps

    Nov. 17, 2023
    Radar and optical time-of-flight sensors are no longer limited to just avionic and automotive applications.
    37498659 © Luis Viegas | Dreamstime.com
    Car Dreamstime L 37498659

    Lithium-Silicon Cells Promise Ultra-Fast Charging and Longer Range

    Nov. 15, 2023
    Ionblox said its new lithium-silicon batteries for EVs enable charging of 60% of capacity in just five minutes and 80% in 10 minutes.
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    Machine Learning

    Latest AI Innovations Bring the Power with Greater Efficiency

    Nov. 14, 2023
    From neural processing units to a panel PC, these new AI-focused products deliver TOPS performance with an eye on much sought-after efficiency and lower costs.
    Battery Dreamstime Chayanan Phumsukwisit 290775709

    A Guide to Battery Fast Charging (Part 2)

    Nov. 7, 2023
    In Part 2, we’ll explore the implementation details of a fast-charging system with parallel batteries using evaluation kits and a Raspberry Pi board.
    Synaptics Promo

    Wi-Fi Sensing: A Crucial Capability Assisted by Edge AI Processing

    Oct. 24, 2023
    Today’s connected society is immersed in radio waves. Literally a “sea of RF” and Wi-Fi sensing, enabled by advanced processing techniques, is emerging as a critical feature for...