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  • June 3, 2024 - Electronic Design Today
  • June 3, 2024 - Electronic Design Today

    Inside Electronics

    Let’s Talk About Sensors and Analog Signal Conditioning

    June 12, 2024
    Analog front-ends are key ingredients in today’s smart embedded systems for the IoT. This edition of Inside Electronics discusses the challenges of, and solutions for, implementing...

    Mastering the Challenges of Wireless EV Battery Management

    June 7, 2024
    Flexibility is one of the advantages of a wireless EV BMS, but designers must also keep in mind cyber risks as well as the reliability and safety standards used across the automotive...
    Infineon and Dreamstime_tomaszwozniak_110572103

    Si, SiC, and GaN Unite in New Power-Supply Unit for AI

    June 5, 2024
    Infineon's 8-kW reference design for data centers features Si, SiC, and GaN technologies to help quench AI’s thirst for power.
    Photo 50268269 © Anyaivanova | Dreamstime.com

    Special Report: Sensors and AFEs

    June 5, 2024
    Electronic Design explores the challenges and opportunities for future development of sensors and analog front ends in Sensors and AFEs Week.
    Empower Semiconductor

    In-Package Silicon Decoupling Cap Offers Large Value, Tiny Parasitics

    June 5, 2024
    This silicon capacitor developed by Empower can be embedded into an SoC substrate or interposer, replacing MLCCs.

    More content from June 3, 2024 - Electronic Design Today

    Keysight and Dreamstime_denyszazimko_87303259
    Test & Measurement

    The Benefits and Limitations of Ranging on Your Battery Tester

    June 4, 2024
    In this article, you will learn how ranging improves battery tester accuracy, reduces error terms, and improves measurement precision, as well as gain insight on its limitations...
    Tero Vesalainen | Dreamstime.com

    Quick Poll: Do You Give Technical Resource Recommendations?

    June 4, 2024
    Do you offer technical resource recommendations to help your peers?
    Andy Turudic

    So…LTspice of the K2-W Op Amp Reveals the Mad Scientists’ Fingerprints (Part 3)

    June 4, 2024
    LTspice simulation of the K2-W Vacuum Tube Op Amp’s design reveals the mad science that created a commercial revolution in 1950s and 1960s analog computing.
    Arnis Rukis, Dreamstime

    The Ins and Outs of Frequency Spread Spectrum

    June 3, 2024
    Learn how to reduce electromagnetic interference using the frequency-spread-spectrum (FSS) approach.
    166344185 © Mikhail Rudenko | Dreamstime.com

    RedCap: Augmenting 5G to Support IoT Device Growth

    June 3, 2024
    3GPP’s Release 17 aims to increase battery efficiency, reduce latencies, and bolster network support for IoT devices on 5G networks.
    6211836 © Petar Zigich | Dreamstime.com

    Bringing High Power Density to Energy Harvesting

    June 3, 2024
    A free-standing magnetic field energy harvester (FSMFEH) can provide isolation and effectively power remote sensors in high-voltage grid and busbar applications.

    The Building Blocks of Smart Factories

    June 3, 2024
    Analog front-ends help boost smart factory efficiency, enabling quick reconfiguration and advanced diagnostics.

    How RF FDAs Enhance Test Systems with RF Sampling ADCs

    June 3, 2024
    This article discusses how integrating DC-coupling and RF sampling ADCs boosts linearity and bandwidth in RF systems, which impacts overall performance.

    Tradeoffs in Analog Front-End Architectures for Power Applications

    June 3, 2024
    As the semiconductor industry pushes toward higher levels of integration, designers often turn to SoCs or use discrete components as solutions. Another option, though, is to adopt...
    Noise Robust Edge AI Development Kit Addresses High-Voltage Applications

    Smart Robot Demo Highlights Noise-Robust Edge-Computing Solution

    May 30, 2024
    Offering protection against high voltage and noise interference, Analog Devices' iCoupler isolation technology can create edge AI systems for harsh and high-voltage environments...
    Power Integrations

    Ultra-Compact, 1.2/2.3-kV Gate Drivers Reveal Important Green Power Industry Trends

    May 28, 2024
    Power Integrations’ new gate drivers are highly optimized to meet the cost and performance requirements of grid-scale renewable generation and storage applications.

    Can I Power My Device with an Energy Harvester?

    May 25, 2024
    This article shows how to evaluate energy-harvesting technologies for IoT applications to minimize or eliminate the use of batteries.
    Chiplets connected via the Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express

    Demonstrating the UCIe Chiplet Interconnect

    May 25, 2024
    Cadence's UCIe demo presents key features and interoperability support, and also discusses the future of chiplet technology in high-performance SoCs.
    105562587 © Golubovy | Dreamstime.com and EIM Technology

    Analog Fundamentals Book Plus Lab Kit Is On Kickstarter Now

    May 24, 2024
    A book for hobbyists, engineers, Makers, and Arduino devs, "Fundamental Analog Circuits & Semiconductors,” with lab kits, is now running on Kickstarter.

    A New Generation of GaN Power ICs Mimic Silicon MOSFETs

    May 23, 2024
    What’s inside a new family of GaN power FETs that Cambridge GaN Devices contends can be driven like a silicon MOSFET?

    What’s the Latest in GaN-Based Automotive Applications?

    May 22, 2024
    GaN semiconductors enhance power density and efficiency in automotive systems for on-board chargers (OBCs), high-voltage DC-DC converters, and electric-vehicle charging stations...

    EC Fans Make Cooling More Efficient and Sustainable

    May 22, 2024
    Electronically commutated (EC) fans enhance electronics cooling while using significantly less power and, in turn, promoting energy efficiency.

    Lamborghini Unveils Electric Torque Vectoring System

    May 21, 2024
    For the first time, Lamborghini has switched from a pure mechanical torque-based four-wheel drive system to one that utilizes an electric torque vectoring system between the two...
    MCUs Leverage Cloud-Based Development Environment to Empower Software-Defined Vehicles

    MCUs Leverage Cloud-Based Development Environment to Empower SDVs

    May 17, 2024
    The NXP S32 CoreRide platform addresses central-compute needs, while the company's cloud-based virtual development environment helps carmakers meet time-to-market demands.
    107745051 © Ekkasit919 | Dreamstime.com

    IoT Laws Aim to Protect User Information and Mitigate Cybersecurity Threats

    May 16, 2024
    Regulations for IoT continue to evolve in the U.S. and around the world, as governments worldwide implement security laws to protect consumer privacy in the expanding IoT landscape...
    Opening Up Linux for Automotive Applications

    Opening Up Linux for Automotive Applications

    May 15, 2024
    Taking advantage of Linux’s popularity and developer support, Elektrobit’s EB corbos Linux is designed for the automotive industry with ISO 26262 and ASIL B certifications.
    Surasakpetchang_Dreamstime and STMicroelectronics

    Hybrid Inverters: A Potential Power Alternative for EVs?

    May 14, 2024
    The hybrid power inverter proposed by STMicroelectronics integrates SiC MOSFETs and IGBTs to boost power efficiency for less.