Engineers Say Jobs Are Changing, Not Getting More Satisfying (.PDF Download)

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The pace of engineering is getting faster and faster, and that means electrical engineers are working harder and harder to teach themselves about the latest technology and integrate it into new products. But many remain optimistic about their profession: Nearly 90% of survey respondents say that they enjoy their current jobs, according to Electronic Design’s annual reader survey, which polled around 1,350 engineers.

Nearly two-thirds indicate employers pay them what they deserve, while around 90% say they take pleasure in the challenges that accompany new product design, according to the 2018 Electronic Design Salary Survey. Respondents generally say that persistent concerns about working conditions, outsourcing, and shortsighted management have done little to dull their job satisfaction.

Other survey results covered in the article include:

  • Compensation specifics
  • Company position
  • Job stability
  • Struggle to fill job vacancies

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