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Self-Adjusting Insulation Test Clip Set Suits Various Field Applications
The Model 6405 insulation piercing test clip set suits a variety of field applications, like automotive test and diagnosis, telecom diagnosis and repair, and industrial test-and-measurement setups. A spring-loaded clamp and screw-in barrel let users exert the exact pressure needed to pierce the insulation of a wide range of wire types and sizes.

The clips' nonrotating banana jack keeps the meter in the circuit while the wire is pierced, providing immediate confirmation that contact with the conductor has occurred. According to the company, these devices are intended for making temporary connections in the field. The safety-shrouded banana jack is compatible with virtually all industry-standard banana plugs, including digital multimeter plugs with or without safety shrouds. The self-centering clips attach easily onto plastic, Teflon, or silicon-insulated wires with the spring-loaded clamp. A wide range of wire sizes from 0.060-in. diameter (22 AWG) to 0.200-in. diameter (10 AWG) are accommodated. While a bright yellow body enables easy location in low-light situations, the red and black color-coded barrels provide fast circuit identification.

The test clip set includes one black clip and one red clip. Available now, the Model 6405 test clips cost $38 per set.

Pomona Electronics, 1500 E. Ninth St., Pomona, CA 91766-3835; (909) 623-3463; www.pomonaelectronics.com.

Test-Automation Solution Targets Handheld Platform Applications
The TestQuest Pro Handheld System for Palm provides complete functional testing for the Palm Economy. It will also provide a platform for developing test-automation solutions for other handheld devices.

This solution automates the process of testing handheld computers by mimicking the presence of a user executing a predefined script of actions. It connects directly to the contacts of the handheld computer under test. The tests then run in precisely the same environment as if a user had manually entered the commands via the handheld's native interface. They simulate a variety of user-interaction techniques, including stylus strokes, stylus taps, and graffiti. Capturing images on the LCD output of the device, the solution uses either font recognition or bitmap comparison to a valid result to determine test success or failure. A comprehensive logging facility documents the results.

This test-automation solution is available immediately. Various versions support Palm III, V, and VII handheld computers. Future versions will support Windows CE devices, including Pocket PCs, PDAs, and cell phones. Contact the company for pricing information.

TestQuest Inc., 7566 Market Place Dr., Eden Prairie, MN 55344; (800) 756-1877; fax (952) 936-2187; www.testquest.com.

Test Solutions Fit cdma2000 Mobile Phone Applications
The E1962A IS-2000 mobile test mode application and 8960 Series 10 Model E5515T wireless communications test set aid in testing for the wireless market. Both are designed exclusively for high-volume manufacturing of cdma2000 mobile phones.

After building special test modes into phones, manufacturers can use the cdma2000 solution to perform a series of IS-2000 transmitter and receiver tests. These include power tests and frequency and wave form quality measurements. The solution also provides flexible IS-2000 forward-link emulation that allows control of the pilot, sync, paging, and other channel levels and data rates used in many R&D and production-test applications. While this solution initially targets only cdma mobile manufacturing applications, the company plans to upgrade it with full call-processing capability and other enhancements in the near future.

For pricing, contact the company.

Agilent Technologies Inc., 395 Page Mill Rd., P.O. Box #10395, Palo Alto, CA 94303; (650) 752-5000; www.agilent.com.

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