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133-MHz Bus Analysis Probes Work With Logic Analyzers
PCI-X bus developers can take advantage of two analysis tools, the FS2007 PCI-X Bus Passive Analysis Probe and the FS2105 PCI-X Bus Active Analysis Probe, which work in conjunction with Agilent Technology's logic analyzers. Designers can use these devices to view PCI bus activity, measure setup and hold violations, characterize software, verify compliance, and measure performance specifications, all at the maximum bus speed of 133 MHz.

The FS2105 detects over 50 protocol violation errors and alerts the logic analyzer. It also functions as a state/timing analysis card and includes sophisticated protocol-violation detection circuitry. Meanwhile, the FS2007 functions as both a 133-MHz PCI-X Bus extender card and a state/timing analysis card. Both cards use an Agilent logic analyzer to provide the analysis execution engine and the user interface.

The FS2007 costs $4000, and the FS2105 costs $7900.

FuturePlus Systems Corp., 6455 N. Union Blvd., Ste. 202, Colorado Springs, CO 80918-5044; (719) 278-3540; fax (719) 278-9586;

High-Channel Switch Subsystems Provide IC Failure Analysis
The VI line of high-density, integrated switching subsystems places high pin-count ICs into known states by switching VDD and VSS supplies, as well as ac vector sources. The models in this series also provide additional capabilities for multipoint IDDQ testing and analog circuit debug. The MTS-7000, for example, uses shielded switching modules. This lets designers house 512- or 1024-pin subsystems in footprints that can be used in a lab environment. Also, the MTS7000 cuts test time by permitting debug and failure analysis efforts to occur in lab environments without using production testers. Applications for these subsystems include yield enhancements, customer returns, ESD failures, and fab process improvements.

Contact the company for pricing information.

XVI Technology, 17912 Mitchell, Irvine, CA 92614; (949) 955-1894;

System Pair Supports Power Conversion Design And Test
Along with their supporting hardware and software analysis tools, the PS374 and PS264 PowerMeasure systems support the development and manufacture of power conversion devices. Each system includes high-performance current and differential voltage probes, as well as a low-noise differential amplifier.

A deskew calibration source lets users remove timing differences between the current and voltage channels. Also included, the PMA1 software package reduces the complexity of setting up difficult power measurements such as safe operating area, line power analy-sis, and control-loop time-domain response to a single button push.

Both models use a Waverunner-2 series oscilloscope. This device features an 8.4-in. color flat panel display. It also has a high-speed analog-to-digital converter that offers a maximum sample rate of 2 Gsamples/s on each channel in the PS374, or 1 Gsample/s in the PS264. QuickZoom and WavePilot features make it easy to zoom in on signal details or perform analysis such as FFT or trend lines.

The PS374 starts at $20,310, and the PS264 starts at $15,610. Delivery is four to six weeks ARO.

LeCroy, 700 Chestnut Ridge Rd., Chestnut Ridge, NY 10977-6499; (914) 425-2000;

Dual-Channel Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator Covers 31 MHz
The 3315A dual-channel function/arbitrary waveform generator provides two channels in one instrument, saving space and expense. Both channels may be operated independently or interconnected to produce an array of complementary signals. Covering 31.0 MHz with 0.01-µHz resolution, this generator supports five standard waveforms: sine, square, ramp, triangle and noise, and arbitrary.

With the exception of noise, all are available as modulation waveforms for AM, FM, and PM modulation. Burst modulation offers phase angle control from 0.00° to 359.99° and burst counts up to 65,000 cycles for all five standard waveforms, again with the exception of noise. The waveforms can be swept over their full frequency ranges, both linearly and logarithmically.

This generator stores arbitrary waveforms up to 16 kpoints long, with 12 bits of vertical resolution. It also samples at up to 40 Msamples/s. Windows-based software is available for convenient creation and editing of arbitrary waveforms. The system can be remotely programmed using an RS-232C port, with IEEE 488.2 (GPIB) available as an option. And, the rugged and portable 3315A comes with CE Marking.

The 3315A costs $2195. Delivery is four weeks ARO.

Pragmatic Instruments Inc., 7313 Carroll Rd., Ste. J, San Diego, CA 92121-2319; (858) 271-6770;

System Manages High-Volume Production Programming
According to its manufacturer, the ProLINE-RoadRunner programming system is a high-performance, high-reliability in-line programming system. It mounts directly to the assembly machine feeder bank, and it can easily be moved from assembly machine to assembly machine. Also, it can be set up on a conventional assembly machine setup table, offline.

This system consists of a tape-in mechanism; a four-socket, high-performance device programmer; and an output mechanism. It programs flash devices at virtually theoretical minimal programming times. The ProLINE-RoadRunner takes blank parts from tape, programs them four at a time, and delivers them to the assembly machine for pc-board placement. For example, it can program four 16-Mbit devices in less than 12 seconds. Contact the company for pricing information.

Data I/O Corp., 10525 Willows Rd. N.E., Redmond, WA 98052; (425) 881-6444; fax (425) 881-6856;

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