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16-Bit ADC Combined With Programmable Gain Amplifier
The SPT8100 is a 16-bit, self-calibrating analog-to-digital converter (ADC). It operates at 5 Msamples/s, providing increased throughput. According to its manufacturer, its on-chip programmable gain amplifier (PGA) saves engineering time while reducing requirements for associated circuitry, power consumption, and board space. Its high signal-to-noise ratio and low differential nonlinearity suits it for infrared imaging and high-end CCD imaging.

This ADC is available in a single grade. Its operating temperature ranges from −40°C to 85°C, and it comes in a 10- by 10-mm, 44-lead TQFP package. Samples and production quantities are both available. Pricing is $36 each in 1000-unit quantities.

Signal Processing Technologies Inc., 4755 Forge Rd., Colorado Springs, CO 80907; (800) 643-3SPT; fax (719) 528-2370;

High Speed, 8-Bit ADC Targets High-End Monitor Market
Designed for the high-end computer graphics display and monitor market, the FMS9884A is a three-channel, high-speed, 8-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC). It optimizes and encodes the analog RGB signal prior to formatting for display on new-generation flat-panel displays. Also, it converts images up to 1280- by 1024-pixel (SXGA) resolution at 75 MHz, or up to 1600 by 1200 pixels at 85 MHz using alternate-pixel sampling.

An adaptive phase-locked loop (PLL) generates a very low-jitter pixel clock, which is critical to achieving sharp, crystal-clear images. Input clamps and programmable variable-gain amplifiers optimize the input signal range, an on-board voltage reference, and single or dual-port digital outputs. Additionally, the FMS9884A is a fully compatible source part, but its new architecture improves upon the original device.

The 100-Msample/s model is now available in a 128-lead MQFP for $13 each. The 140-Msample/s model costs $23 each. Both prices are for 1000-piece quantities.

Fairchild Semiconductor, 1322 Crossman Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94089; (888) 522-5372; fax (972) 910-8036; Internet:

DAC Includes VCXO And PLL For Digital Broadcast Applications
The PCM1740 24-bit, 96-kHz audio digital-to-analog converter (DAC) comes with an on-chip voltage-controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO) and a phase-locked loop (PLL) for digital broadcast applications. The VCXO synchronizes the local time clock in the system to the time clock at the broadcast base station. Its 27-MHz clock output is then fed to the PLL. This feature generates an audio clock that's derived from the local 27-MHz MPEG-2 video clock. The generation synchronizes the audio and video clocks in the system for voice/picture correlation.

The device's stereo audio DAC employs a multibit delta-sigma architecture. This includes an 8x digital interpolation filter, third-order noise shaping, five-level amplitude quantization, and an analog low-pass filter. Several user-programmable functions are accessed through a standard I2C-Bus interface. Operation is from a single 5-V power supply. A small 24-lead SSOP provides the packaging.

The PCM1740 costs $4.95 in 1000-piece quantities.

Burr-Brown Corp., P.O. Box 11400, Tuscon, AZ 85734; (800) 548-6132; fax (520) 889-1510;

Comparators Feature 0.4% Initial Accuracy While Consuming 40 µA
The MAX9040 and MAX9050 micropower comparators feature an on-board precision reference and Rail-to-Rail inputs and outputs. They boast a 0.4% initial accuracy for A grade only, a 6-ppm/°C temperature coefficient, and a 400-ns propagation delay, all while consuming 40 µA of supply current. The reference, which can drive 500 µA, is stable with any capacitive load up to 4.7 nF.

The MAX9040 operates from a 2.5- to 5.5-V supply. Its 2.048-V reference voltage represents a 500-µV LSB in 12-bit systems. The MAX9050 operates from a 2.7- to 5.5-V supply while providing a 2.5-V reference voltage. Both comparators include internal hysteresis and crowbar current limiting, thereby reducing current consumption during high-frequency switching.

Both devices are housed in a 5-pin SOT-23 package. Prices start at $0.96 each, B grade, in 1000-unit quantities.

Maxim Integrated Products, 120 San Gabriel Dr., Sunnyvale, CA 94086; (408) 737-7600;

Dual Op Amp Maximizes Port Density In Line-Driver Applications
The LT1795 dual current-feedback amplifier combines a 500-mA output drive with up to ±15-V operation. It delivers significant power in the 1- to 2-MHz range. Specifically, this 50-MHz op amp has been designed to support the highest number of DSL lines per line card. An exposed copper pad on the 20-pin TSSOP package's underside permits efficient heat transfer. The package also provides maximum port density in line-driver applications. Even though the TSSOP measures 6.3 by 6.5 mm, the amp achieves a junction-to-ambient thermal resistance of 40°C/W. The LT1795 also is available in a wide-body SO-20. Both models are priced at $4.95 each in 1000-piece batches.

Linear Technology Corp., 1630 McCarthy Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035-7417; (408) 432-1900; fax (408) 434-6441;

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