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SoftQuad Software Ltd. and Extensibility Inc. have signed a technology and marketing agreement. SoftQuad's XMetaL, a content-creation solution, will be integrated with a fully functional trial version of Extensibility's XML Authority, a schema design and management solution. This integration will create a comprehensive solution for web-enabled content interchange, manipulation, and presentation for enterprises implementing XML-based initiatives.

Corvis Corp., a supplier of an all-optical Internet infrastructure, has signed an agreement with Broadwing Communications. Under the agreement, Broadwing will be the first company to deploy Corvis' suite of all-optical networking products, thus providing enhanced-wavelength services.

Amkor Technology Inc. and Zuken USA Inc. are joining forces to streamline the advanced IC packaging design process. They intend to develop a package design tool that will achieve first-pass success with electrically correct, ready-to-manufacture package designs. The tool will account for both the customer's electrical requirements and Amkor's latest package-manufacturing guidelines. Amkor says that it will be able to go from concept to manufacturing in hours instead of weeks.

The first public draft of the Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Society's Interoperability Guidelines is now available for review and comment. Downloadable at www.cadsociety.org, The guidelines provide a framework to promote interoperability among disparate CAD programs. They clearly specify that CAD data belongs to the engineer, not the vendors. Also, they say that vendors should not prevent engineers from using data under any circumstances. While vendors are free to either ignore or embrace the guidelines, they've taken the first step in putting design control back where it belongs—in the hands of the engineer.

With the formal unveiling of the Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGi) Specification 1.0, another forward step has been taken toward the fully networked home. Unveiled at last month's "Connections 2000: Advancing the Networked Home Conference," the specification complements virtually all residential networking standards and defines an open standard that enables multiple software services for a services gateway. It ties together such services as home monitoring, security, energy management, and control to any number of appliances.

Xantrex Technology Inc., a power electronics company, has acquired Heart Interface Corp. and Cruising Equipment Co. These two power electronics firms supply power inverters and instrumentation, particularly for the recreational-vehicle and marine markets. The deal expands Xantrex's product portfolio, which includes power electronics and controls for a variety of markets in equipment sizes ranging from 50-W portable units up to 1-MW stationary units.

Lucent Technologies is looking to sell its Power Systems business. This division produces power supplies, power conversion, and backup power equipment for wireless, optical, switching, and other networking equipment. The sale is part of an attempt to concentrate on Lucent's core business in networking communications, while strengthening Power Systems' position as a market leader.

InTime Software Inc. is a new company addressing the challenges of developing complex integrated circuits. It will introduce a family of enterprise engineering management software (EEMS) tools. Utilizing engineering databases and work processes that mine engineering data much like search engines on the web, these tools will work to facilitate collaborative IC development and project management within engineering teams.

Magma Design Automation Inc. has founded a research and development center at the Eindhoven University of Technology in The Netherlands. The center is chartered with developing next-generation logical and physical design technology focused on accelerating time-to-market for complex ICs. Headed by a group of university professors, it initially will work to enhance Magma's synthesis and signal integrity technology while integrating engineering-change-order (ECO) capabilities.

Visionary Design Systems has been relaunched as Alventive Inc. Its new strategic mission is to enable manufacturers to realize the benefits of creating and delivering one-to-one products to their customers. These benefits will come through use of the company's Online Design Community. The community will allow internal and external parties to participate in all stages of a product's lifecycle, from design to marketing, sales, and support.

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