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EDA Roundup

TO DRIVE CUSTOM PROCESSOR DESIGN, CoWare and Associated Compiler Experts (ACE) have forged a multiyear strategic alliance. Under its terms, CoWare will continue to deliver ACE's C-Compiler technology deeply integrated into the CoWare LISATek processor design tool suite. The LISATek suite enables the design of custom processors by specifying the optimum instruction set, profiling the application on the automatically generated processor model, and finally generating the synthesizable RTL from the same processor model. The automated generation of the corresponding optimum CCompiler provides a full custom processor design flow. LISATek starts at $220,000 for a one-year license. Visit www.coware.com and www.ace.nl for more information.

AN IP DEPLOYMENT TOOL FOR FPGA DESIGNERS simplifies the construction of system-level applications. With CoreConsole, designers can quickly assemble processors, subsystems, and buses for deployment on Actel FPGAs implementing CoreMP7, the company's ARM7 soft-IP microprocessor. CoreConsole automates the stitching together of components and allows users to assemble the system blocks graphically at the functional level. The Windows-based and SPIRIT-compliant tool can be used with many interconnect standards, future processor IP, and a broad range of IP blocks. Prices start at $395 for a one-year license. For further details, go to www.actel.com/products/ip/ARM7.html.

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