Making Waves: The Road to Enhanced Mobile Broadband
Wireless 101: Basic Physics of Radio
Multiple Bluetooth Smart devices now can communicate within a mesh network thanks to Smart Mesh. I spoke with Cypress’s Senior Product Marketing Engineer, Utsav Ghosh, about Smart Mesh and Cypress's offerings in this area.
Tiny LED lamp Using LiFi technology LED bulbs send data into visible light instead of the radio waves used by traditional wireless technology like WiFi Image courtesy of Gina Haubge Flickr
MM-Wave Radio Spectrum Becomes Tangible 5G Path
Wireless Charging Is Happening Faster than You Think
Carrier Aggregation: Implications for Mobile-Device RF Front-Ends
Owing to its current trendiness, wireless power technology enjoyed a strong presence at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, with several applications available for low and high power being revealed at the show.
In the test-equipment arena, accelerating design cycles and ever-growing complexity is putting enormous pressure on designers and vendors to rethink test options to meet current and future needs.
If you’re heading to DesignCon next week, you should take a quick dip into Keysight’s booth to catch up on at least four topics of real import in high-speed design and test, and what to do about it.