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New automated calibration procedures from Fluke Corp. for three Tektronix oscilloscopes—the TDS 5000, TDS 6000, and TDS 7000 series—substantially reduce downtime. Performance-verification time is cut to about 60 minutes or less. MET/CAL Plus V's automated calibration and generation of test reports ensures consistent and complete test results. MET/CAL Plus V is available for a single-unit list price of $1499. Fluke-warranted procedures range from $499 for Class A to $1499 for Class E, available online at www.fluke.com/calibration. Warranted procedures are available at no cost to MET/Support-Gold members. Fluke also initiated a 2003 calibration and metrology course for MET/CAL Plus V 7 and other calibration-related products. Course sizes are limited to provide more individual attention for each student. Students should register at least six to eight weeks in advance. On-site training is available for organizations wanting to enroll a large number of students or reduce travel expenses. For a copy of the schedule, visit www.fluke.com/2003caltraining.

Fluke Corp.
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